Roster Announcement: 2nd Annual Silverstatepreps Rising Stars Challenge defensive starters

Team Sally:

Pitcher: Jasmine Martin
Catcher: Mya Bethea
First Base: Ashley Ward
Second Base: Natasha Lawrence
Third Base: Hola Rose Nakayama
Shortstop: Hailey Morrow
Left Field: Mia Weckel

Center Field: Shea Clements
Right Field: Madi Stephens

Team Commerford:

Pitcher: Amanda Sink
Catcher: Megan Johnson
First Base: Deanna Barrera
Second Base: Olivia McClain
Third base: Shelby Carvalho
Shortstop: Caitlin Covington
Left Field: Leah Becker
Center Field: Maddie Kallfez
Right Field: Brynn Hilton

By: Robert Vendettoli, Editor in Chief
May. 27, 2019
4:28 p.m.

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