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Silverstatepreps.com is an independent publisher, represented on the core values of giving the wonderful high school and collegiate athletes that represent the Las Vegas community the coverage and recognition they deserve. As a student ran organization.

Silverstatepreps.com serves as a non-profit organization who does it's best to deliver constant coverage of all Nevada sports related events, despite the disadvantages it faces daily. As a organization for the students by the students, Silverstatepreps.com is more than just a prep sports website. Silverstatepreps is an organization that cares about the local youth of Southern Nevada and does it's best each day to make sure each athlete feels appreciated for their contributions not only to their sport of choice but in their local community. As an organization that relies upon the passion and drive of its collegiate staff to outweigh the lack of budget that is presented, the challenges of keeping Silverstatepreps.com relevant each day is a constant struggle. In a continuous effort to support and encourage our Silver State Preps.

Silverstatepreps.com embarks on different ideas daily to recognize the state's most deserving athletes. As an organization that has made a positive effect on several house holds throughout the valley, we ask that you help us continue the cause for giving our stars of tomorrow a place to be remembered and appreciated today. If each valued viewer of Silverstatepreps.com could donate just $1, the ripple effects would be tremendous. We ask that you donate not to support our staff, but to help our staff continue to support its community. Each donation will go towards continuing to make Silverstatepreps.com a publication where every athlete and family feels like they have a place to be appreciated.

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